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New 5.7K aerial 360 video sample from Yi 360 VR still shows smooth stitching; September launch confirmed

Yi 360 VR new 5.7K aerial 360 video sample
Yi 360 VR new 5.7K aerial 360 video sample

Sami Luo has posted a new 5.7K aerial 360 video sample from the Yi 360 VR.  Meanwhile, a Yi representative has confirmed the launch in September.

The Yi 360 VR is the first all-in-one 360 camera from Yi Technology, makers of the famous Yi Action Camera.  The Yi 360 VR was announced at NAB Show 2017 and it surprised everyone because it had 5.7K video becoming the highest resolution for consumer 360 camera — and at a very competitive price of $399, lower than most other high-end consumer 360 cameras.  Unfortunately, the Yi 360 VR has been delayed.  It was originally scheduled for release in June, but is currently expected in September.  The September time frame has been confirmed by a Yi Technology representative.

Sami Luo, one of the very few tech vloggers who has been able to test the Yi 360 VR, posted a new sample from the Yi 360 VR.  Sami has previously posted 4K samples, but IIRC this is the first he has posted with 5.7K resolution.

The video is an aerial 360 video, with the Yi 360 VR below what appears to be a DJI Phantom 4.  The horizon wasn’t corrected before the video was uploaded, so it’s upside down (query whether this means that the Yi 360 VR doesn’t have vertical correction).  Here is the video:

The video shows smooth stitching.  To be fair, these conditions are not particularly difficult.  Parallax stitching error is less obvious the farther the object is from the camera.  With the drone flying, the camera was a pretty good distance from the ground and pretty much everything else, so this should be an easy stitch.  Nonetheless, it’s reassuring to see another sample with smooth stitching from the Yi 360 VR.

The Yi 360 VR is available for preorder from B&H Photo.

Thank you very much to Island Scenes for bringing this to my attention!

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  • Hey,
    Do you know WHEN in september? I am traveling to China and i really want this camera! I’m going september 1. hahaha

  • +Mic Ty Yi technical support (Shengfu Ding) says:
    The camera shipped to customers with:
    1. built in stabilization
    2. built in leveler
    3. both camera and PC support a stitch (but they did not say if they will provide us with a stitching tool or if we have to use a third party software, but I presume it means that they will provide us with a PC app…)

    • Thanks Ulf! I think there may be a misunderstanding or mistranslation because in all of the samples so far, there is no stabilization. But maybe I’m wrong.

      Best regards,

      • Today Mr Shengfu Ding (YI Texhnical Support) mailed me back and told me they will supply us with a PC stitching software when and if we buy the Yi 5.7K 360 cam:
        “Hi ulf,

        Thanks for your feedback. We have a PC software for a customer for free when you have a YI 360 VR camera in hand.
        YI Technical Support ”
        So, automatic level support, stabilization and a PC stitching software is a fact. 🙂