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NEW! GoPro App reframing tutorial for GoPro MAX and Fusion

GoPro MAX reframing tutorial posted

GoPro’s Senior Creative Director Abe Kislevitz posted a tutorial for the new GoPro app, which will work for both GoPro MAX (previewed here) and Fusion (reviewed here).  Abe also says that the same features will be available on the desktop app.

Besides showing us how to use the new app, Abe also confirmed that the MAX will have in-camera stitching for 360 videos.  The video also confirmed that at least one of the skiing videos I posted previously was indeed shot on the MAX.

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    • The last Fusion software release for *desktop* was more than a year ago, even though they demo’d so much more when Fusion was released. It’s a shame they simply can’t deliver on their promises.

  • Hi, thanks for this…i watched it because i wanted to find out why i cannot export a reframed video higher than 1080p..can you inform me?

  • OH my – using my Max for the first time today – 13 November and cannot reframe or see same screen as you… so 5th call to gopro say it the GoPro player app I need not just the gopro editing app… I am now on hold as we can’t find app !! This is not made for 55 year old women … thought it was going to be seamless.

    Wish me luck while listening to piped music at GoPro HQ……