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New sample 360 video from FITT360 wearable 360 camera

Linkflow FITT360 is a wearable 360 camera for hands-free lifelogging
Linkflow FITT360 is a wearable 360 camera for hands-free lifelogging

Linkflow posted a new sample 360 video from the FITT360 (hands-on preview here), its wearable 360 camera developed in cooperation with Samsung. Here is the new 360 video:

I think the video looks promising, with reasonably smooth stitching. However, I wish that the asymmetric nadir could be rotated 180 degrees. Important things are more likely to be in front of, rather than behind, the user. It would make sense to have a smaller nadir in front. This would require wearing the FITT360 backwards from its current orientation. I hope Linkflow gives users the option to wear it that way.

Linkflow FITT360 field of view
Linkflow FITT360 field of view

What do you think of the video?  Would the hands-free first person view offset the image quality compared to some newer 360 cameras?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  • I think the image quality is really bad on a lot of levels. I don’t think anyone interested in 360 will give this much notice. Especially since it’s pretty easy to get much better quality first-person POV with an appropriately mounted Fusion or any of the other small dual lens cameras. I’ll be surprised if this camera is still around in a year or two. Just my $.02.