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New sample video for Z Cam S1 shows incredible dynamic range

Z Cam just posted a new sample video from the Z Cam S1, showing incredible dynamic range.
Update: new version of the video is 4k @ 60 fps!

The Z Cam S1 is a professional 360-degree camera with high resolution video (6k @ 30fps or 4k @ 60 fps).  Previous sample videos showed its high image qualityeven in low light.  The new sample video shows a challenging scene with high contrast lighting.  The Z Cam S1 was able to handle the dynamic range and maintain detail in both the highlight and shadow area.
Here is the new sample video (be sure to change the resolution to 4k):
The Z Cam S1 is currently being offered on Indiegogo.  With 10 days to go in its campaign, it is about 5 orders short of reaching its campaign goal.