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New sample video from Yi 360 VR! Plus: rumored improvements

Yi 360 VR new sample 360 video
Yi 360 VR new sample 360 video

Yi has posted a new sample video from the Yi 360 VR!

Yi 360 VR is a 360 camera with 5.7K resolution.  It was announced at NAB Show 2017, and at that time, it was the highest video resolution for a consumer 360 camera.  Since then, the Garmin Virb 360 has been released, also with 5.7K resolution.   However, to get 5.7K resolution on the Virb 360 requires expensive third party stitching software.  What’s more, the Virb is $799, whereas the Yi 360 VR is only $399, even less than some 4K 360 cameras such as the $499 Nikon Keymission 360.

Yi 360 VR was originally scheduled for release in June, but the release was pushed to September.   A few test videos have been posted by vloggers Sami Luo and Steven Liao.

Now, Yi has posted a new sample video for the Yi 360 VR.  This time, it’s an edited video montage from Yi’s official distributor in Poland.  Check it out!

The stitching for the clips in this montage looks seamless, as in other recent samples.  The video is only in 4K (probably because videos with higher resolution than 4K cannot be played smoothly on YouTube for now) but the video still looks quite detailed.

Yi 360 VR sample video

The dynamic range looks very good as well.  In this scene for example, it was bright as you can tell from the sharp shadows.  Nontheless, the Yi 360 VR was able to capture details in much of the sky as well as in the shadows.

Yi 360 VR dynamic range
Yi 360 VR dynamic range


Meanwhile, there is also a rumor that the Yi 360 VR will have improvements to the “industrial design,” but I haven’t been able to get anything more specific than that.  All I know so far is that this is looking like a great camera but with these improvements, it should be even better.

And if you’re wondering, yes, I will definitely be reviewing the Yi 360 VR!  In the meantime, if you want to preorder, it’s available from B&H Photo.

Thank you very much to Svend Even Hærra for bringing this to my attention!

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  • Looks good. I think at this point I might as well pre-order since a few of the others have been disappointments. ( I wonder of Yi will send me one of those red chairs gratis, too. 😉 )

  • I agree with Bill…looks great! Holding thumbs and toes – and all other limbs that’s sticking out of my body – for a good built in stabilizer and leveler as well… 🙂

    • This is the one I’ve been waiting for. All the features I need and a cheap price.

      I dont think there is a stabiliser. Check out the dude hiding / holding onto the camera in the trampoline part of the sample ( great part of 360 cameras is that nothing can be hidden from the FOV!!)

      The FCC submission does not show any change of design.

      You can also download the Yi 360 app now which contains the manual if you want some more details.

      • The manual is a great find. App updated just three days ago.
        In-camera stitching for low frame rates and up to 4K.
        Desktop software. (There is a download link.)
        Includes a mini-tripod and string bag.
        Bluetooth remote available.
        Hmmm. Overheating warning.

      • @Syeve360 A Yi crew member told me a couple of weeks ago that the Yi 360 cam would have stabilizer and auto leveler when they send it out to customers, but he can of course be wrong or did misunderstand my question (but I think it’s hard to misunderstand the word stabilization or auto leveler talking 360 cameras…)…so, maby the stabilization is going to happen in the PC software and not in the cam? If there’s no stabilization and no auto leveler I have to rethink about buyiing the Yi 360 cam…I’ve allready got the Xiaomi and I’m very pleased with that cam – it’s got it all besides the resolution – but the Yi would have been my “final” consumer 360 camera because I think it’s got very good resolution, dynamic range, video quality and stitching – and a very good price tag on top of that.
        So still hoping…. (sobbing…)

        • Re: stabilisation: Yeah, that might be a possibility and if you’ve heard good noises coming from Yi themselves that’s promising

  • I’m a little disappointed in this too! Maybe I’m expecting too much in a cheap cam!

    The stitching and the dynamic range looks pretty good. But looking at that first scene, the image quality ins’t particularly good. The leaves on the trees and the grass look quite mushy, and the whole video looks over sharpened or something.

    • @Alex, I thought it was pretty good comparison with others that have recently been released

      Expectations are always high I suppose 😀

      The higher quality level of camera are about 10 times the cost at the moment so at the moment you probably need to find the right camera for your needs instead of there being one general purpose winner