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Newest feature of your Insta360 camera: printing money!

Earn cash with your Insta360 Photos and Videos with Insta360 Awards
Earn cash with your Insta360 Photos and Videos with Insta360 Awards

It’s an experimental feature for now, so it requires a lot of skill to use. ūüėČ ¬†In all seriousness, Insta360 has launched the Insta360 Awards, which lets anyone earn cash with their Insta360 photos and videos. If your photo or video is selected by Insta360, you can earn $100 per photo or $150 per video. There is no limit for submissions and no limit to the amount of money you can win. And each quarter, one photo or video will be selected to win $2,000. ¬†See below for the details.

You can submit photos or videos or edited videos. ¬†Submitted photos and videos must be original, unedited spherical (not flat / cropped e.g. tiny planet) 360 photos or videos shot on an Insta360 camera, with a minimum resolution of 3K. ¬†There must be no watermarks. ¬†This means any Insta360 camera can work but for the Air, you must switch to 3K mode (assuming your phone supports it). ¬† For edited videos, the sky is the limit — it can be spherical or flat, and can use freecapture, bullet time, or any other technique. ¬†Interestingly, if it uses multiple clips, they will accept it as long as at least one of them was captured on an Insta360 camera.

Insta360 will select photos and videos for their Pioneer Award, with $150 per video or $100 per photo. ¬†There is no limit to the number of winners, and there’s no deadline. ¬†As long as the content is good, you can win. ¬†Winners will also have a featured post on their social channels.

In addition, in each quarter, Insta360 will give a Legend Award with $2,000 cash for the best photo or video or edited video (yes you can win both a Pioneer Award and Legend Award for the same photo or video). ¬†The winner will have their work featured on Insta360’s social channels and blog, and may be invited to attend Insta360 events to speak about their work.

To submit your work, just upload it to Google Drive, YouTube or Vimeo, and share the link on the Insta360 Awards page.  There is no limit to the number of entries but submitting the same work more than once will not increase your chance of winning.

A couple of notes: submitting an entry gives Insta360 a nonexclusive license to use your work.  Note also that if the photo or video includes recognizable people, you must get their permission.  See their page for other terms and conditions.  Here is the official page where you can submit your photos and videos.