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Nikon Keymission 360 troubleshooting: “Cannot connect to camera”

The Nikon Keymission 360 (reviewed) has a quirky app that is very prone to difficulty connecting with the Keymission.  Here’s a common issue and a couple of ways for resolving it.

The critical thing to be aware of with the Keymission is that it uses both a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.  The Bluetooth connection is for remotely turning on the Keymission or changing its settings.  The Wi-Fi connection, which is faster than its Bluetooth connection, is used for remote live view and downloading photos and videos.  This design allows you to remotely turn on the Keymission (wake it up from standby).  However, it also creates more chances of pairing difficulties – either from the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi connection.

After establishing a Bluetooth connection, the screen above is one of the errors that you can get when trying to connect via Wi-Fi for remote live view or to download photos.  Here are a couple of possible solutions:

1. Your camera may have timed out.
By default, the Keymission 360 has a very short 30-second auto power off.  If it takes too long to connect to the Wi-Fi, the camera could automatically shutdown before the app can connect to the camera.   You’ll know this is the case if you see the warning screen above and then you notice that the camera is turned off.

If this is the case, change the auto power off setting on the app.  First, connect via Bluetooth (instructions here).  Once you’re connected via Bluetooth, you’ll see the Bluetooth logo on the app between the drawing of the camera and the phone.  Then on the main toolbar (Connect, Gallery, Camera, Other), tap on Camera, then tap on Camera Settings.  Then change the auto power off setting to 1 min or longer.  Then try to connect via Wi-Fi again by tapping on Remote Photography or Download Selected Photos.

2.  Your phone might be trying to connect to your network.
If you’re at your home or office, your phone might be establishing a Wi-Fi connection with your home or office Wi-Fi network instead of the Keymission.  To rule this out, “forget” your home or office network, then try again to reconnect via Bluetooth then Wi-Fi (instructions here).


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