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No GoPro Max 2 in 2022 says GoPro (plus: how to use Me Mode for Max)

Are you waiting for a GoPro Max 2 in 2022?  GoPro has finally confirmed what I’ve been saying, which is that there will be no GoPro Max 2 in 2022.  And in this video, learn how to use a new shooting technique (similar to Insta360 X3 Me Mode) for GoPro MAX.

GoPro’s official Twitter account tweeted that there is no GoPro Max 2, at least for 2022.  And in case you had any doubt about whether they might introduce a 360 camera with a different name, they flatly said that GoPro has no new 360 cameras in 2022.

No GoPro Max 2 in 2022 says GoPro
No GoPro Max 2 in 2022 says GoPro

And if you were wondering whether it was just some misinformed intern who was accidentally given control of GoPro’s Twitter account, GoPro said the exact same thing to at least three other people:

No GoPro MAX 2 in 2022 says GoPro
No GoPro MAX 2 in 2022 says GoPro

In case you’re keeping track, GoPro released the Omni in 2016, the Fusion in 2017, and the Max in 2019.  A gap of three years (and counting) between product releases might not sound much, but for 360 cameras, it is a significant amount of time.

GoPro has repeatedly affirmed that it will continue to produce the GoPro Max but the silence is particularly defeaning given that GoPro released two new product lines this year — Bones and Mini — on top of its release of the Hero 11.

My hypothesis is that GoPro wants to wait for a significant improvement between the Max and its successor before releasing a new 360 camera.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • I was no doubt that gopro will not make new camera, they get more from classics flat, and if we see that they can’t make techicaly new they don’t interesting because app and desktop versions they not in it, they about produce cameras but users find how to edit… So insta make upgrades but real strong upgrade not maybe really what can we say wow… But they make it by make magic in new app with new and newer updates) so this year make videos and waiting what can do gopro in 360 hope they will not stop on max

    • They said they will not stop on Max but it seems maybe they are not pushing 360 so much. It seems GoPro prioritizes FPV more than 360.

      • I think fpv and drones really is very interesting. Maybe next companies begin make with 360. Insta make amazing drone adapter. I think if they make more adapter possible it will be next step)
        But now I want to say long stick is makes miracles

  • It makes a lot of sense for them to wait until they have a significant upgrade. I’d be curious to see since they’re now using their own processors that maybe they can figure out how to balance higher resolution and frame rate with power requirements.

    I see all these people complaining about wanting 8K 360 video but I don’t know if they’re considering the hardware requirements to process these types of videos (especially on their phones).