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Nodal Ninja is relocating to Hong Kong

Nodal Ninja RS-1 is the best of both worlds

Starting October 28, 2019, Nodal Ninja will close its US operations and relocate its headquarters to Hong Kong, under the control of Nick Fan of Fanotec International.  U.S. sales will now be handled by B&H Photo.

Nodal Ninja is the renowned maker of panoramic heads that have been relied upon by virtual tour professionals for many years.  Unfortunately, the market for DSLR / mirrorless panoramas has been shrinking, in no small part due to the popularity of all-in-one 360 cameras.  Here is the official announcement.

To learn more about Nodal Ninja’s products, check out this post.

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  • I bought a Nodal Ninja 6 last year for my old canon rebel t3i DSLR. Even with that old camera, the quality of 360 photos I can capture with with it far exceeds the quality of any of my consumer 360 cameras I currently own (I own a few). That said, it is a time consuming and technical process reserved for the professional or enthusiast. I can see why the market for the nodal head is shrinking with the improvement in 360 camera technology and the convenience of just a button click. Eventually even all the professionals will shift over to the new technology and the nodal head will probably be a curiosity for future generations to laugh about saying ‘My grandad had one of those!’

    • Yes and no – my Xiaomi MiSphere gets great results for social media. I can improve the dynamic range a little by bracketing manually, but the ability of the lens and sensor to resolve the details in the image is low. I don’t feel comfortable delivering that kind of image to high-end clients. It’s great to have on set in order to give an example of what I’m doing to the customer.

      However, I can spend the same amount or less of the cost of a high-end 360 camera on a 180 lens, lens ring, and nodal mount for the mirrorless camera I already own, and get images that are superior in every way. I capture 4 shots in each cardinal direction, and use auto bracketing if need be. The post-processing is much the same, and the results are better than anything I’ve ever been able to achieve from my “point and shoot” 360.

      Basically I think we’re a long way off, though I’m excited by the prospect of becoming wrong about this. =D

  • Came here to say that I need an upgrade, and can’t find official Nodal Ninja products inside China – oh, the irony!

    Hope they start trading there soon, may have to jump across the border to get what I need.