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The invisible Noxon VR360 Mini Cable Cam (IVRPA 2019)

Noxon VR360 invisible cable cam

Imagine a 360 video where the camera is moving over, under and through obstacles, but the camera appears invisible. That’s exactly what you can do with Noxon’s VR360 Mini cable cam which is an invisible and compact cable cam / wirecam designed for professional 360 cameras.  Here’s a sample 360 video from IVRPA 2019, shot on the Kandao Obsidian with the Noxon VR360:

As you can see, the camera and the Noxon VR360 are both invisible, without having to do tedious editing during post production.

Here’s a product video about the Noxon VR360:

The Noxon VR360 is made of carbon fiber and stainless steel A2, and Delrin.  The Noxon VR360 can carry up to 6kg horizontally, and the wirecam itself weighs just 770 grams.  The slowest speed is 5mm per second up to 1.375 meters per second.  According to Noxon, it will be usable with cameras such as the Insta360 Pro 2, Z Cam V1 Pro, and GoPro Omni.  Teche has also said that they’ve been able to use it with the Phiimax 3D.

The remote control enables several modes including timelapse, stop motion, and multi-point, which lets the user program wirecam movements based on time, which is useful for concerts and other events.

Here is a demo by my friend Hugh Hou from CreatorUp

Here are more 360 video samples from the Noxon:

The Noxon VR360 package costs EUR870, which includes:

– the VR360 cablecam
– programmable wireless remote control with 100 meter range
– protective silicone case for the remote
– two 12V batteries
– 12V power adapter and charger
– USB and other cables.

Noxon will be available for purchase from the the official webpage here.   I will update this page as I get more information about the Noxon VR360. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.  For consumer cameras, check out the Wiral LITE which I showcased in this tutorial.

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  • Hi Mic
    Was impressed with your previous Wiral LITE cablecam article and now this.
    Could be good for Commercial / Construction type tours where use of a tripod may be restricted and a sail above alternative may work.
    The Wiral is available up to 100m in length but can’t find any reference to maximum length for the Noxon.
    Look forward to you “Playing” with it at some time and the usual great info for us mortals who can’t.

    • Thanks Konrad! I don’t know if Noxon will send me a review unit, but fwiw I’ve added some more sample videos that illustrate construction / commercial use.