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NS VR Gimbal is designed for VR / 360 video image stabilization

RUMOR: This is what the new Ricoh Theta SC looks like

NS Gimbal is a gimbal specifically designed to provide an unobstructed view for 360 videos, and can even support and stabilize a 360-camera rig.

Among the challenges of capturing 360 video is being able to maintain a level horizon for viewer comfort.  This is even harder in the case of a 360 rig, which generally do not have built-in gyroscopes.  While there are gimbals for non-360 cameras, they generally have an arm that can block a significant portion of a 360 camera’s view.

gimbal of a DJI Phantom 4

NS Gimbal is a new type of gimbal that has only one freely-rotating axis so that a 360 camera can capture an unobstructed view.

Here is a sample video:

The NS Gimbal can be used not only with drones but also for cable cams and dollies.

used with cable cam
used for a remote control dolly

The NS Gimbal can support a rig of up to 11 GoPro cameras.  The gimbal itself weighs 1.7 kg including the counterweight.

The NS Gimbal is regularly $2,500 but is available for $1,999 for the first 50 orders here.

Here are some more test videos:

Here is an aerial 360 video:

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