Insta360 One R 360 Rumors

O3 by 720VV is a near-4k 360 camera with livestreaming

720VV’s O3 is a 360 camera with near-4k resolution and livestreaming.

Here are the key specifications:
– three lenses
– 1/2.3 inch sensors
– video resolution:  3500 x 1750 @ 25 fps
– livestream or realtime stitching resolution: 2560 x 1280 @ 25 fps
– mic jack input
– AC adapter available
– 3 hours battery life
– 380g

The manufacturer posted this computer generated picture to illustrate its size:

There are sample videos here.  The field of view is not exactly fully spherical because of the large nadir.  I estimate around 330 degrees FOV.  The stitching looks very good, although the dynamic range looks quite limited.

It appears that the O3 will retail for 7,000 yuan (around US$1,015).  The O3 is being offered on a Chinese crowdfunding site, for 5,000 yuan (around US$725) with an early bird price of 4,000 yuan (around US$580).  Update:  the price in the US will be $699.  According to 720VV’s representative, they will be shipping to the crowdfunding customers 30 days after the crowdfunding finishes on January 22, i.e. on or about February 21.  They are currently shipping to some business customers.

In the meantime, there have recently been some 360 cameras with livestreaming such as Insta360 Nano ($199) and the upcoming Giroptic iO ($249) and Insta360 Air ($119), albeit with lower video resolution.