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INSANELY detailed: first Obsidian Pro unstitched sample video (12k 360 camera)

Obsidian Pro - First video sample
Obsidian Pro – First video sample

Here’s the first unstitched sample video from the Obsidian Pro, a professional 360 camera that can capture 12K 3D 360 video with eight APS-C size sensors.  The unstitched samples were sent to me by Kandao and to show the detail, I put them in a 4K video at various zoom levels.

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  • Ask them if they are considering a VR180 model using the same technology. Even though these results are quite impressive, I find the circumstances where a scene is interesting over 360 degrees are few. But this tech in a VR180 format would be amazing and also would be a more compact unit.

  • In the months they’ve been talking about this camera all they’ve released have been unstitched individual camera files. There are big challenges stitching this sort of data, especially with the larger sensor size (reduced DOF) and significant interaxial distance. Looking forward to seeing stereoscopic stitched examples, or a set of files we can stitch along with a profile made for it in Mistika (which I’m sure Roman would happily supply if they can get him an example).

      • Agree but not just one example needed… we’ll need to see a few examples with different types of scenes, including varying distances for foreground objects along with moving objects crossing stitch lines, etc.