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Oculus Go now allows 5.7K video – tutorial by CreatorUp

Oculus Go now plays 5.7K videos
Oculus Go now plays 5.7K videos

Oculus Go can now view videos up to 5.7K video in H.264 format (in monoscopic not stereoscopic 360 video).  Check out the tutorial by my friend, CreatorUp’s Hugh Hou!

First you need to update the firmware in your Oculus Go.  As long as you’re connected to the internet, Oculus Go will update the firmware automatically.

Next you need to ensure that the video is in H.264 format, with a 2:1 ratio. In order to export H.264 above 4K, you can use Adobe Premiere CC. The exported file must have the suffix _360.mp4 (or _180_3D.mp4 for SBS 3D 180) in order to copy it to Oculus Go.  According to Hugh, the best resolutions are 5120 x 2560 or 5760 x 2880.

Connect the Oculus Go to your PC and select Allow from the Oculus Go headset when asked to grant permission to access files.  You’ll then see the Oculus Go appear as a drive called VR-Headset, and you’ll be able to copy the videos to your Oculus Go.

On a related note, Insta360 developed an app called Insta360 Moment which uses fixed foveated rendering to enable the Oculus Go to playback 8K 2D 360 videos (but there are still some bugs).

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  • HI. I think The Oculus Rift maximum resolution 1080×1200 its each eye.
    That its a Total 2160×1200 resolution, a little bit bigger than 2K.
    Oculus Rift can read any format, lets say 5K, but because the image panel hardware limitation the device always make a Downconversion of any big format to fit 2160×1200. Its that right ?

  • Does this matter though? If the Oculus Go screen resolution is only 2560 x 1440, does playing back 5.7K video even look different on the screen?

    I am planning to record VR180 content for consuming on the Oculus Go. My question is, should I buy the Vuze XR (5.7K recording) or just go with the more affordable Lenovo Mirage (4K recording) because the Oculus Go screen resolution is not yet 4K.

    • en 5k h265 se ve mejor que el mismo vídeo en h264 4k , pero las oculus go no puede moverlo va a salto, uno 5k con la mayor tasa de 60, probaré con menos tasa a ver que tal.

    • The Go’s resolution is 2560×1440 for its 95 degree field of view, but your VR180 content will have a 180 degree field of view, so you can look up and down, left and right in it with the 95 degree window the Go provides. So the VR180 resolution that matches the pixel density of the Go’s display is around 5400×2700.