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Oculus Quest 2 price leak; prediction confirmed?

Oculus Quest 2 price
Oculus Quest 2 price

The Oculus Quest 2’s price may have been leaked on Walmart’s website, as reported by Road to VR.  If true, it would confirm my prediction about Oculus Quest 2.

Oculus Quest standalone 6DOF headset (formerly called Project Santa Cruz)
Oculus Quest is a standalone 6DOF VR headset

Oculus Quest 2 is a rumored replacement for the popular Oculus Quest (reviewed here).  There was a supposed leak of the Quest 2 on July 22 on Twitter.  Based on the supposed images of the Quest 2, I predicted that Quest 2 would be more affordable: “If they’re trying to save even small costs like the strap, it may mean that Oculus did everything to make the Quest 2 more affordable” (emphasis in the original), a prediction I hadn’t seen in any of the major tech websites.

Since that time, there have been more leaks about the Quest 2 on Reddit.  Unlike the CG renderings, these looked like prototypes ready for production, which all but confirmed that Quest 2’s release was imminent:

Oculus 2 photos leaked on Reddit
Oculus 2 photos leaked on Reddit

Now a couple of days ago, RoadtoVR found a Walmart product listing for an unknown VR headset.  The listing used a graphic for Oculus Go but was called “Oculus Point Reyes,” which sounds less like a real product name and more like a temporary code name.  The listing showed two variants: a 256GB version for $399 and a 64GB version for $299.

If this listing is indeed a placeholder for Quest 2, it would make the Quest 2 much cheaper than the Oculus Quest, which is $499 for 128GB and $399 for 64GB.  That is a $100 savings for the 64GB version (25% less), and an amazing value.

And if this is really the Quest 2’s price, it would continue 360 Rumors’ pretty good track record for making accurate predictions that are usually based on inductive analysis rather than insider information:

– 6 Facts about Insta360’s next camera (now known as the Insta360 One R): 6 out of 6
– New GoPro Fusion being launched (now known as the GoPro MAX): correct
– “Insta360’s next camera will be a hybrid VR180 camera” (Insta360 Evo): correct
– Insta360 One X predictions: 4 out of 6
– GoPro Fusion predictions: 5 out of 7
– First Kodak Orbit photos: correct
– Garmin Virb 360 predictions: 7 out of 8
– Insta360 One predictions: 9 out of 10
– Gear 360 predictions: 4 out of 7

What do you think of the Oculus Quest 2 price if it is really $299 for 64GB?  Let me know in the comments!

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