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Oculus Touch price and release date leaked by German electronics chain

The price and release date for the highly anticipated Oculus Touch motion controllers were leaked by an authorized distributor of the Oculus Rift in Germany.
Media Markt is a large electronics chain in Germany (similar to Best Buy in the US), and they posted the price and release date of the Oculus Touch:
The page shows a price of EUR 199, and a release date of November 21, 2016.  Please note that even assuming this is accurate, the price and release date would be for Germany only, which will only be receiving the Rift on September 20.  Nonetheless, it suggests that the US price for the Touch may be around $199.  It seems the release date also makes sense for the US, because it’s just a few days before Black Friday in the US, which I’m sure Oculus would not want to miss.‚Äč
If the Touch is indeed $199, it would put the total cost of an Oculus Rift system at $798, essentially identical to the price of the HTC Vive (reviewed here) at $799 (which already includes two motion controllers).  To be fair, the Rift does also include an Xbox One controller, whereas the HTC Vive does not include a gamepad.
The information has since been removed from Media Markt’s website.