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Panasonic prototype 360 camera with 4k livestreaming

     Panasonic demonstrated a prototype 360 camera with incredible 4k livestreaming performance.

     At the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2016 (Inter BEE 2016) in Tokyo, Panasonic demonstrated their prototype 360 camera and its incredible 4k 360 livestreaming capabilities.  Besides being a leading consumer electronics brand, Panasonic is one of the largest camera manufacturers in the world and among the leading manufacturers of 4k cameras.
     Panasonic’s prototype camera has four lenses that appear to have an external processor that can stitch the images in realtime with only a delay of 0.3 seconds.  By comparison, the Orah 4i, which can also livestream in 4k, has a delay of 10 seconds or more (depending on the streaming protocol).
     Cinema 5D showed the camera in action:

      If Panasonic does go on to produce this model, it will be the third major camera manufacturer to produce a 360 camera, next to Nikon (with the Keymission 360) and Ricoh Pentax (with the ubiquitous Ricoh Theta).
     Thank you very much to Oli Da Costa for bringing this to my attention!