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Pano360 – a fully spherical 360 camera with 4k video, plus two other 360 cameras from Eken

Eken Pano360 is a new fully spherical 360 camera with 4k video capability.  Eken is also launching two other hemispherical 360 cameras.

In the last several months, we have seen many inexpensive 360 cameras but the majority of them are hemispherical.  Now, we are also beginning to see low cost fully spherical 360 cameras.  Eken Pano360 is one such camera.


Key specifications:
– Video resolution: 3840 x 1920 @ 15fps; 2880 x 1440 @ 25 fps; 1920 x 960 @ 30fps
– “12mp” (not sure if that is a claim about the sensor or the photo resolution)
– 1.5-inch OLED display
– Wi-Fi and remote*
– 1200 mAh battery
*This may mean a dedicated remote control.

Here is a video by showing the Eken Pano360:

As the rep said in the video, it might be available in 2 months.  There’s no information yet on pricing.

EKEN H360 AND R360
Eken is also launching two hemispherical 360 cameras, the H360 and R360.



The H360 and R360 look almost identical (the H360 has a silver rim around the lens while the R360 has a black rim) and they have almost identical specs:
– hemispherical with 190-degree field of view
– video resolution: 1440p @ 30fps
– 4mp (not sure if sensor resolution or photo resolution)
– 1.5-inch LCD
– 1200 mAh battery
– Wi-Fi control
The only difference between them is that the R360 is listed as having a remote.

Eken has made other 360 cameras, such as the Eken H8.   Pano360 is their flagship product that will compete with other low-cost fully spherical 360 cameras such as the Elecam 360.

Here are the official pages: