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Panomoments: Convert your 360 video into a living 360 photo (see a sample)

Panomoments: Create living 360 photos
Panomoments: Create living 360 photos

You can now convert a 360 video into a panomoment — a living 360 photo.  Here’s a sample and a simple tutorial.

What if your 360 photo shows motion as you rotate it?  That’s the concept of Panomoments, which actually began back in 2016 as a Kickstarter project.  At that time, the creators envisioned capturing panomoments with a special type of rotating camera and tripod.  Here was their concept:

In February 2018, Panomoments creator Dustin Kerstein decided to simplify the process of capturing a Panomoment by using 360 videos. Instead of requiring a special camera, you could simply upload a short 360 video clip and their software can convert it into a panomoment.

Here is a sample, originally shot on a Garmin Virb 360:

Sushi bar

PanoMoments – Capture Living Photos

To create a panomoment from a 360 video, you’ll need to use a video that was shot on a tripod.  Panomoment will take at most 300 frames (10 secs. on a 30fps camera).  In this case, the sample I used was a 4-sec. clip.  After uploading the file to, their software will create a panomoment out of it.  It takes a few minutes of processing (you’ll get an email when it’s ready). has two tiers of membership: a free Basic account and a Pro account which can embed the panomoments, among other features.

What do you think of this concept?  Thanks to Jim Jensen (Google+ Photo Sphere Community) for bringing this to my attention!

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