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CORRECTION: $1499 price for Panono is false

PANONO no new price
PANONO no new price
CORRECTION: I previously posted a sale for Panono at $1499.  But when I contacted Professional360, the manufacturer of Panono, they said they haven’t revised the price for the Panono.  The $1499 is from a third party seller at Amazon with zero history and therefore appears to be a scam.  The corrected story appears below.  I apologize for posting the wrong information.

Panono, the highest resolution photo 360 camera on the market, is being offered at $1499 on Amazon by a third party seller.  However, when I contacted Professional360 Gmbh, the manufacturer of the Panono, they said there was NO PRICE CHANGE.  The $1499 listing is from an unrelated third party and seems to be a scam. Caveat emptor!

Panono is the 360 camera with the highest photo resolution of 134 megapixels (16384 x 8192 in equirectangular format).  It has spectacular detail and dynamic range, as you can see from these sample shots (note: these shots do NOT use the HDR mode, which has even higher resolution):

You can see how it compares to a normal 360 camera (in this case, the Ricoh Theta S).  There is a little bit of blur in parts of the Panono shot because I used HDR mode:

Panono is available from Amazon at $2099.  I will try to post a review soon and a comparison against a shot taken with an interchangeable lens camera with panoramic head.  Thank you very much to Vitaliy Kiselev for correcting me about the false price.

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  • Hey Mic,
    Just an FYI, for people who want to get a great price on the Panono, you can buy a Years Subscription of iStaging AND get a Panono for $1149. I already have an Inta360 Pro and can’t drop another grand for the Panono but some of your followers might 🙂

  • Mic, do you have a comparison of the Panono and Insta360 Pro in same location like the Panono/Theta S above? I would really to see an HDR comparison inside with blown out windows. I thought that I had seen one of your videos where you said the Panono did not do good stitching close up but your family at the restaurant table looks really good on stitching!! So I am now wondering if I should be trying to hock some stuff to get a Panono ??

    • Hi Tim. Yes I have a comparison in the same location here (my test scene): You can also see with or without HDR.
      For stitching, I had to fix the Panono shot. Anything farther away than about 4 feet is ok. Less than that, and the stitching is unpredictable and prone to errors.

      Best regards,

  • WOW.. the resolution sample, the panono stitch is amazing, there are a couple stitch problems like on the wall behind you, but overall that is incredible good and absolutely good enough for a restaurant tour. far better than expected, and the resolution blow the Theta away, specially on the mesh on the shelves.. thank you for posting this shot.

    • Thanks Bo! Yes this is why Panono is one of my favorite cameras even if it is quite pricey. Other 360 cameras simply cannot compare (except maybe the NCTech iris360 pro with 90mp).
      Best regards,

      • Hey Mic, I went to the comparison page and the difference between the Panono and I360P is very significant. I did not realize there was such a difference in picture details. So I went ahead and ordered one from Istaging as that is a very sweet deal. I may try to sell my I360P. One of the things I am wanting to try and test would be using the panono with Cupix to record a crime scene or vehicle crash (will practice on a staged scene). You mentioned in one of your post about taking 2 pictures to remove yourself from the picture. Do you have a tutorial on that? I have Pano 2 VR software but have not used it much. Another idea for using cupix and either the Panono / I360P would be to buy a used Jazzy wheelchair and make it remote control. Then mount the camera on that to remote control it around and that would allow me to easily stay out of the picture while convering a large area taking 360s to be stitched in Cupix. You can get a used Jazzy for $200-$300 dollars plus another $100 to convert it to Remote Control. But I am most interested in a tutorial to batch remove myself taking 2 pictures standing in different spots. Thanks again for all your info!! You are a wealth of info!!

        • Hey Tim,

          I’m having difficulty finding the panono + iStaging deal you were talking about. Could you please post a direct link?

          • @CJ, Istaging ran this special for Panono during Valentines 2018. They seem to run the special during holidays and then take it off. I got it while the special was on last year (before Christmas). I shared the link with someone else during Valentines but it is not there now. So the next holiday folks can check and see if they have the special running.

        • Hey Tim, did you get a chance to try the Panono with Cupix? If not, I wanted to provide my 2c: it wasn’t the best combo. The Panono takes a while to save photos, so it is time consuming to take photos at the required spacing. Also, there is a large distance between the lenses, which leads to distortion in the Panono stitching. Because of these distortions, the Cupix software has difficulty stitching it together.

          • Ryan,
            For taking many photos back to back I just use my Insta360 Pro. It is very fast and I am happy with image quality. I mainly use the Panono on my Inspire 2. It is light weight and takes very good aerial 360 photos. But for work on the ground, the Panono battery life is absolutely terrible and it is way too slow for a fast paced environment. But I the Panono does produce great quality photos 🙂