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15% discount on Panono; amazing sample photos

Panono (background photo by Wiebe de Jager)
Panono (background photo by Wiebe de Jager)

One of the most underrated cameras is Panono (reviewed here). Maybe it’s the price, or the unusual workflow with cloud-based stitching. But what many people haven’t done is actually seen a representative sample photo — one that really shows what the Panono is capable of. It’s when you see the photos – not the specs – that you understand how powerful it is.

While I have my shots as well, I’ve been too busy the past few months to shoot anything other than test shots, so instead, I’ll show some amazing Panono photos from my friend Wiebe de Jager, who has shot extensively with the Panono. Please zoom in (and allow the photo to load completely if you have a slow connection).

Check out Wiebe’s other photos here.

As you can see, the Panono has amazing detail and dynamic range. No other all-in-one (“one-shot”) 360 camera comes close. The quality is similar to a panoramic shot from a DSLR (in fact, with a resolution of 16384 x 8192, it is actually higher than some DSLR / lens combinations). It does suffer from some fringing, but those can be fixed in postprocessing.

Easy to use

Before I got the Panono, I assumed that using it would be difficult. Actually, it is quite easy to use. You can trigger it with a smartphone (iOS or Android), or if you have the extension pole accessory, the pole has a built-in shutter. Throwing it in the air is another option but it takes a lot of practice to throw it without spinning it.

After taking the photo, you use the app to upload the photos to Panono’s cloud service, which stitches the photos automatically with no further intervention. After a while, you’ll see the stitched photo(s) pop up on your Panono account. From there you can share the photo or download them for editing or sharing on another platform. It’s that simple.


The biggest limitation to the Panono is the minimum distance. All 360 cameras have a minimum distance for avoiding parallax stitching errors. In the Panono’s case that distance is around 4, or preferably 5 feet. This means certain types of shots such as car interiors are impossible for the Panono without stitching errors.  But as long as you are aware of this limitation and work within it, the Panono’s shots will look great.

Panono Discount

If you’d like to get a Panono, the good news is that it is currently on sale for 15% discount on Amazon, with Prime shipping ($1799 instead of the regular price of $2099).  Alternatively, you can get the complete kit with tripod adapter, extension pole stick, hardcase, camera cover, and tripod for $1904.  Edit: please note that some Panonos are being offered by resellers, not by Amazon — please be extra careful when buying from resellers (beware of those who have had no history).