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The perfect camera case for Garmin Virb 360

I found the perfect camera case for the Garmin Virb 360!  Look at it — it even fits both cradles, and there’s no wasted space.  Here’s a video:

The case is the Pelican Micro 1010 (available here).  Here are the benefits:

– fits the Garmin and both cradles with no wasted space
– Virb and cradles will not move around
– Transparent cover lets you see if the camera is inside
– You can attach your monopod or selfie stick while the Virb 360 is still in the case (while cover is open obviously)
– The case can be used to temporarily cover the Virb like a lens cap while the Virb is on a monopod waiting between recordings.
– you can attach a strap to it for your backpack, etc.
– includes a carabiner
– Water resistant, dustproof, crushproof
– Low cost
– Proudly made in the USA by Pelican.  Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE THE DIRECTION that the lenses are facing. Do not face the lenses to the cradles – they could be scratched!

Alternatively, you can also remove the red rubber lining and instead use the foam that came in the Virb 360’s box (you’ll need to cut it to fit the Pelican Micro 1010).

If you’d like to buy the case, you can buy it here. Thank you for using the affiliate link to buy the case, which supports 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you.

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