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Photosphere Xmp Tagger is a mobile app that can add 360 metadata to your 360 photos

Many 360 viewers such as Google Street View and Facebook need 360 photosphere metadata in order to recognize 360 photos as such instead of a conventional panorama.  However, sometimes, the 360 metadata in a 360 photo can be erased during image editing, or some cameras don’t include the right metadata.

Photosphere XMP Tagger is an app for Android that will add 360 Photosphere metadata XMP tag to your fully spherical equirectangular format 360-degree JPG images.

After installing the app, you need to click on Share from your gallery app then select “Add Tag” to add the 360 metadata.

Thanks to Jim Jensen for this awesome tip (BTW, Jim is the moderator of the awesome Photo Sphere Community, an awesome and knowledge-filled group for anyone interested in 360 photos)!

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