Playstation 4 adds support for 360 photos and videos!

photo courtesy of Playstation Europe
Playstation Europe announced that the Playstation 4 Media Player will be getting an update (v 2.50) to add support for 360 videos and photos using Playstation VR!  The update will come tomorrow, in time for the global launch of the Playstation VR.
Here’s how it will work:  With the PSVR connected to the PS4, select “VR mode” from the Media Player’s Options menu.  You can then select the 360 photo or video from your USB drive or media server.  The 360 photo or video must be in standard equirectangular format.  Sony did not say whether 3D 360 would be supported.
In addition to Media Player support, PSVR will also have apps for viewing 360 videos.
This is fantastic news for 360 camera enthusiasts and opens the doors to potentially millions of PSVR owners being able to view 360 photos and videos in VR, and perhaps buying a 360 camera for themselves to capture their special moments.
Besides adding 360 support, the update will add support for high-resolution FLAC audio files.  The update will be available for free to all PS4 owners.

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