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Playstation VR can run some HTC Vive games through Trinus

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You can now use your Playstation VR to play some HTC Vive games on the Steam Store, using Trinus PSVR.

With Trinus, you can use a Playstation VR (reviewed here) to play some games for the HTC Vive (reviewed here) on your PC.  The app is only in Alpha mode at this time, and you will only get head tracking (rotation tracking) and not positional tracking.  Moreover, many HTC Vive games require a motion controller, which is not yet supported in Trinus.  Hopefully, Trinus can be modified to use the PSVR headset to run PC games in 3D.

Here is the link to download the Trinus for Playstation VR.

Here are the instructions for using Trinus:
1. Connect PSVR:
– PSVR Headset Data cable to PSVR Box
– PSVR Headset Hdmi to PC
– PSVR Box Hdmi output to PSVR Box PS4 Hdmi input (loop)
– PSVR Box TV Hdmi unplugged
– PSVR Box USB to PC

2. Set Windows monitor to extended (the extension will be shown on the PSVR)
3. Start PSVR (the power button on the volume controller)
4. Press Trinus PSVR Start button
5. Start SteamVR game
6. Two game windows should show up: a single view and a dual view:
– Put the dual view into the extension monitor (PSVR). Easiest way is to press Windows Key + Shift + Arrow Key)
– Make sure the focus is on the single view window (otherwise keypresses/input may be ignored)
7. Play