Playstation VR units delivered early; here are early impressions from actual users

There are already a number of generally positive Playstation VR reviews from the press but the reviews that really matter the most are those of actual users.  Here are some early impressions from users who received their Playstation VR units early.

The vast majority of users were amazed at the immersiveness of the PlayStation VR:

“this is my 1st time trying any vr headset and the 1st game I played was ocean descent which blew me away with the scale and immersion, doubt this has much replay value though -resident evil kitchen is a terrifying experience and I’m a big horror fan who doesn’t get unsettled by many horror games or movies but kitchen and also here they lie take horror to the next level, vr is going to be awesome for horror – drive club was good but made my father feel motion sick after 5 seconds – playroom is brilliant and seems like there’s a lot to do -thumper is an amazing experience and can’t wait to buy it – until dawn was the 2nd game I played and when I played the game it felt like the greatest gaming experience I’d ever had (probably because it’s a new experience for me) Didn’t see no screen door, graphics were way better than I was expecting and cinematic made is much higher resolution than I thought it would be,maybe not playing other headsets before made my PSVR experience as good as it was but I’m amazed how good it all is Sorry for the long post but just wanted to say… The hype is real!!!!” -123kidda

“I got my taco Bell psvr. Spent an hour playing. I’m enjoying it alot…. My first “wtf I’m in a game” moment was going through some hanging vines. It felt like my face was going through it. Was weird. Then I found out I can smash small rock pillars with my head, that was neat.  … Yeah it’s trippy as hell. Going down the tracks in until dawn really makes your stomach churn. And being blasted into the sky in Playroom vr was unexpected and made my legs feel tingly. … I played the platforming game in Playroom vr. It really feels like you’re in you’re own space, and walking through the vines made me flinch. It was awesome. ” – NoBullet
“Have been playing for a few hours, with siblings getting turns too It’s amazing to see their reactions in ocean descent, in London heist reloading the guns Rigs has been pretty awesome.” – emeliog94
“Driveclub vr was pretty awesome. I only had time for a time trial but it felt so natural. I also feel like I could see the upcoming curves better than normal. I can’t wait to get a setup with my racing wheel and the full game.” – MichaelVash7886
“I posted this, got lost in vr, and remembered I posted this haha.” – SoWhatImMixed
“My 13 year old daughter is head over heels for Until Dawn, says it feels amazingly like a real roller coaster. …  The graphics on Batman are so far beyond what I had set my expectations, but the tracking god real bad too. Very similar to the Giantbomb stream.  Other games from the demo didnt have any noticeable issues, so hopefully after tweaking my hastily throw together setup I can fix it.” – Dick_Wingnut
“Headset is super comfortable for me. Only tried batman for now, and man that was exciting. Didn’t know what to expect really, but this is so awesome.” – iamkunii
“During Ocean Descent I felt immersed for the most part, it actually felt like I was moving downward”  -diddydiv123

“dont want to spoil to many things that may be wow moments for everyone but the level of immersion is just intense.. holy shit i cant believe i could do that.” -Swarmjag

In terms of negative reviews or complaints, several people observed the controllers were jittery but most people didn’t mind it:
“I do notice the jittering of the controller when I hold it still, but it didn’t interfere with gameplay.”  NoBullet

“There are no tracking issues whatsoever slight shakiness but not really noticeable when you’re immersed in game play.” – emeliog94

One user reported better tracking results when they used the more detailed calibration including the IPD (interpupillary distance — the distance between the eyes).

One user was disappointed in the lower resolution compared to non-VR games:

“Iv only played Vr world’s and the demo disc. So far my favourite game is tumbler vr. Iv played driveclub and London heist but am a bit disappointed with the resolution. Hopefully be improved a ps4 pro.    …  There was no lag but the resolution was disappointing after playing driveclub normally. I was looking at the wing mirrors and the cars look like a blur.” – diddydiv123
Another user found the display “blurry” (could be that the person was seeing lower resolution):
“Everything is more blurry than I would like. During set up, it asked me to adjust (move the headset left, right, up, and down until the words on the screen are clear), but nothing I did made it clear. I was also able to adjust the… goggles(?) portion, length from face. I tried to get it as close to my face as possible, because otherwise I can see my shirt or whatever and it would break the immersion. I’m not sure if this plays a role in it, either.”

Note: some users found that they forgot to remove the plastic cover over the lenses, which made it look blurry.

On the other hand, another user who had had an Oculus Rift said the display was better than the Rift:

“I got my Taco Bell win today. Played for about 2 hrs before work. I owned a oculus. I actually think this is much better visually. Barely any SDE and barely any god rays. It’s quite a feat for Sony. Yes the tracking isn’t perfect but it does the job. It’s just crazy to me that it’s not as high resolution as the oculus but they were able to produce something on par or slightly above. This is just my opinion.” – Bry279972
Playstation VR units are still sold out almost everwhere (which seems to indicate it’s a success).  However, there will be some units available on launch day October 13 (note that Best Buy will have a midnight launch the evening of October 12).  Also check your local Gamestop and Target.

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