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Praying in VR with VR Church Psalms (Samsung Gear VR; Google Cardboard)

VR Church Psalms is a free app for Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR for meditation and prayer.  In this app, you’re surrounded by peaceful nature scenes in 3D 360.  You’ll see water flowing gently and the breeze blowing through the grass.  You can relax or meditate in this space.  You can also use this app to meditate on the Psalms or to pray.

In each scene, you’ll also see a book, a guitar and large stones.  If you gaze on the book and tap on the trigger, it will open to a Psalm such as Psalm 23 (the Lord is my shepherd), showing the verses around you.  If you gaze at the guitar and tap the trigger, it will change the music.  There is also a selection for simple nature sounds.  Gazing at the large stones and pressing the trigger will change the scenery and Psalm.

VR Church Psalms is made in cooperation with VR Church, the first church in VR.

Here is the link for Google Cardboard.
Here is the link for Samsung Gear VR (in the Oculus Store).