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Amazon Prime Day Deals: Lowest Prices on Insta360 ONE X and other 360 cameras! (updated July 16, 2019)

Prime Day Deals: Insta360 One X
Prime Day Deals: Insta360 One X

There is a huge sale on 360 cameras in the next couple of days, with the lowest prices on the Insta360 One X (reviewed here) and other 360 cameras!  You can get the Insta360 One X and other 360 cameras on sale from July 15-16, 2019 (Amazon Prime Day)  for the lowest prices ever! Here are the discount prices only for July 15-16, 2019!

Insta360 One X $340 (regularly $399): Insta360 Store or Amazon. The most popular 360 camera with class-leading image quality and ease of use.
Insta360 EVO $336 (regularly $419): Insta360 Store or Amazon. Hybrid 5.7K 360 / VR180 camera with the best mobile app.
GoPro Fusion $299.  Second best video quality, and now more affordable than ever.
Kandao Qoocam $329 (regularly $399). Hybrid 4K 360 / VR180 camera with 3D Facebook photos and other features.
Vuze XR $349 (regularly $429). Hybrid 5.7K 360 / VR180 camera with image quality similar to Fusion.
Ricoh Theta Z1 $999.  The highest dynamic range 360 photos. Now in stock!
Insta360 One $189.  The affordable predecessor to One X, with 4K resolution and almost as many features as One X.
Insta360 Pro $2599.  8K 3D 360 photos and 6K 3D 360 videos.  One of the easiest professional 360 cameras to use.
Insta360 Pro 2 $4499. 8K 3D 360 photos and videos

Should you buy the Insta360 One X now? Here is a comparison between Insta360 One X vs GoPro Fusion, for image quality as well as convenience.   I also give my predictions about the next Insta360 One X: when it will be released, and what features can we expect to see?

Other related accessories on sale:
ASUS TUF GTX 1650 laptop $799 on checkout (regularly $899) – an affordable VR ready laptop; edit your 5.7K 360 videos on the go

Sandisk Extreme 128GB Micro SD (V30 rated) $19.99 (regularly $25) – a fast Micro SD card with high capacity
Oculus Go 32GB $159 (previously $199).  Standalone VR headset – great for viewing 360 photos and videos.

Seagate 8TB USB 3.0 external hard drive $118.99 (regularly $139) – For storing high resolution 360 videos and photos that take up a lot of space.  See also WD 6TB Elements USB 3.0 external hard drive $89 (regularly $109).

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  • Mic, I can’t thank you enough for your thorough and illuminating articles and videos. After weighing options for two weeks, I ordered an Insta360 One X today. I can’t wait to try it out!

    • Woohoo! Perfect timing! Congratulations Mark! I’m sure you’ll be pleased with it. let me know if you have any questions!