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Protect your Insta360 One R mods with these rear lens caps / covers

Insta360 One R mod rear lens caps
Insta360 One R mod rear lens caps

Your DSLR lenses have rear lens caps.  Shouldn’t you get rear lens caps for your Insta360 One R mods too?  Check out these silicone covers for the Insta360 One R mod connectors.

These covers are made from silicone, the same material used for the lens caps on the 360 mod.  These caps work for the 360 mod, 4k wide, 1-inch and the Core.  They probably will not work with the split lens 360 mod (used in the aerial edition).

What about the battery?  There’s no cover for the battery per se, but you can use the external charger to store the batteries and protect their connectors.

The manufacturer, Sunnylife, has been creating several accessories for the Insta360 One R, including a quick swap frame, and One R 1-inch mod front lens caps.  I have the quick swap frame and it works as advertised.  I’ve ordered the 1-inch mod front lens caps and some rear lens caps.

Please note this product is very new, so they all come from China, and it takes a long time to receive them (around a month or more).  If you might use them in the near future, you should order well in advance.

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