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PSA: Do not update Insta360 Air to version 1.0.2; how to roll it back if you did

If you have (or will have) the Insta360 Air app, do not update it to version 1.0.2.  If you already did it, here’s how to roll it back.

Insta360 Air is the first 360 camera accessory for Android smartphones.  They concluded a successful Indiegogo campaign and units shipped out ahead of schedule (some people in Asia and parts of Europe have already received them).

Insta360 posted a new version of their app, 1.0.2.  Unfortunately, the new version has a problem – and causes crashes for at least some if not most users (me included).  After about one or two seconds of recording video, the app will crash.  The app will also crash after taking a photo.

If you have auto-update enabled, you should disable it (go to Google Play, search for Insta360 Air app, then disable auto update).  If you already installed 1.0.2, you can roll it back:
1. Open Insta360 Air app 1.0.2, go to settings, then clear the cache.
2. Uninstall Insta360 Air.
3. download 1.0.1 to your phone:
4. Go to downloads on your phone (in Samsung S6, it is under “My Files” then Downloads)
5. Run the apk file.  If you get a popup about unknown applications, allow unknown applications.

The bug in this app version is a minor annoyance but it should not be a big concern because Insta360 has a fantastic track record for fixing any problems.  In fact, in only a few hours, Insta360’s reps contacted me and posted a notice on their Facebook user group letting people know about the issue, and they promised to fix the issue today.  I don’t know of any other company that is as responsive as Insta360.

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