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PTGui 11 stitching software now released and it’s easier and more powerful than ever

PTGui 11 is both easy and powerful
PTGui 11 is both easy and powerful

PTGui is one of the most popular stitching software and its latest version, PTGui 11, has finally been released. PTGui 11 is a massive step up from PTGui, which is why it had been in development since 2014, and has been in beta for a little over a year. It’s actually built from scratch, and not just an updated version of PTGui 10.

Here are some of the new features:
– new user interface
– bracketed photos are treated as a single photo (with automatic exposure fusion and tone mapping, in realtime).  Control points from a bracketed exposure are combined.
– database of lens profiles with automatic lens detection
– the ability to stitch from different lenses for the same panorama (for example stitching telephoto shots and ultrawide angle shots).
There are actually plenty of other improvements, such as being able to stitch a mix of portrait and landscape orientation photos. The overall result is making it faster and easier to stitch photos from a wider variety of conditions.

PTGui 11 treats bracketed shots as a single image
PTGui 11 treats bracketed shots as a single image

Here is a video about the new features, presented by developer Joost Nieuwenhuijse himself at IVRPA 2017.

I got to try PTGui 11 and it’s definitely a world of difference from PTGui 10!  Simply said, it’s essential for panorama photographers.  I highly recommend trying out the trial version here so you can see why panorama photographers are really excited about it (the paid version is $119 for personal or $239 for pro). Note: the biggest differences between personal and pro include: HDR support, viewpoint correction (stitching images that weren’t shot from the same nodal point), and masking.

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  • Hi, Mic! Please help. I have 11.9 version but when I try to import .insp files from my insta360 one x – it shwos me the error – unsupported format