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Qoocam 8K Dive Case sample video (underwater 360 video)

Here’s a sample 360 video from the Qoocam 8K (reviewed here) with the Dive Case, shot by Laura James, a professional 360 videographer who specializes in underwater 360 videos, among other genres:

The stitching looks pretty smooth as you can see from the uninterrupted zenith.  Please note that the circular lines in the video are not a stitching issue. They are reflections of the gold band around the Qoocam 8K lens.  The Dive Case does include a black sticker for covering the gold band.

The Dive Case is available direct from KandaoVR.com and costs $129.

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  • is qoocam8k software now usable or is it still too soon to be usable and reliable. how does it compares with goproomni regarding workflow and stitching errors ? thanks

    • Hi Antoine! I have been using my Qoocam 8K with no problems both for photos and videos. Workflow is much easier and stitching is much better than GoPro Omni. In terms of detail, I believe Omni has much more detail, but I haven’t compared them side by side.
      Best regards,

      • today we can find used gopro omni for half the money of a new qoocam 8k (cannot find it used yet). i am only interested in video image quality (details, DR, colors), the 6×1/2.3″ sensors have 2x total sensor size compared to 2×1/1.7″ sensors of qoocam 8k + better optics but lower total video bitstream (6×60=360mbits/s h264 8 bit vs qoocam8k 200mbits/s h265 10 bit = 400mbits/s h264 equivalent) so what about dynamic range and colors do qoocam8k have hdr video ? (in your camera video comparisons i cannot find both cameras in the same location ) thanks.