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Qoocam 8K update adds 8K express edit (mobile editing) and 4K live streaming

Qoocam 8K adds 8K mobile editing and 4K live steraming
Qoocam 8K adds 8K mobile editing and 4K live steraming

A firmware and app update for the Qoocam 8K (reviewed here) added 4K live streaming and 8K mobile editing, which Kandao calls Express Edit.  Here’s a demo and tutorial.

Qoocam 8K is the most affordable 8K 360 camera, with a video and photo resolution of 7680 x 3840.  In my tests, it has proven to have the best detail for 360 videos among 360 cameras up to around $1200.  Now it has become the first 360 camera to have an 8K mobile workflow.  For more information on the Qoocam 8K, check out the Qoocam 8K review and resource page.

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  • I just now downloaded the OS X app for the QooCam 8K using the link QooCam Service gave me.

    The developer cannot be verified so I either cancel it or put in in the trash. All this time I have had the camera and I cannot use it. Workflow on an iPad is ridiculous.

    What good is the camera without the software?

    “QooCamStudio” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

    macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware.

    This item is on the disk image “QoocamStudio_1.5.1.5.dmg”. Safari downloaded this disk image today at 11:30 AM from

    Think maybe you should let people know about this???