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Shooting and Viewing in 3D is Easy with Qoocam Ego 3D camera (updated)

Shooting and viewing in 3D is easy with Qoocam Ego
Shooting and viewing in 3D is easy with Qoocam Ego

Shooting and viewing 3D photos and videos is easy with the new Qoocam Ego 3D camera.  Here are its key features.

Kandao Qoocam Ego is a 3D camera that's very easy to shoot with
Kandao Qoocam Ego is a 3D camera that’s very easy to shoot with

The Qoocam Ego is a 3D camera, not a VR180 camera, with a field of view of around 79 degrees, which I believe is approximately equivalent to 28mm equivalent focal length.

Smooth 60fps video.  Ego shoots videos at up to 1920 x 1080p at 60fps per eye for smoother videos with a greater sense of realism.

Detachable 3D viewer.  Ego comes with both a camera and a 3D viewer that can be attached magnetically to the camera.  You can view your photos and videos in 3D right away.  No need to bring a bulky headset, or a headset that requires you to insert your phone.  The 3D viewer appears to be a passive design, which means it doesn’t need its own batteries.

High resolution 3D viewing.  The 3D viewer has 37 pixels per degree (PPD), comparable to the 35 PPD of the Varjo Aero, a high-end VR headset that costs $2,000.

Touchscreen.  The rear screen is a touchscreen, making it easier to go through its menus and change settings.

Instant sharing.  You can share your videos wirelessly with other Ego cameras.

Quick Editing.  You can edit your photos and videos on your phone.  No need to wait until you get home to edit, nor do you need expensive software to edit.

Here is an analysis by my friend Yuqing Guo:

Price and availability

Qoocam Ego will retail for $385, but you can get it for 30% off at just $269 with a reservation for just $1 (click on the bar on top). What do you think of Ego?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • I guess the resolution should be higher. At least 5.7K as it is in the insta360 EVO. Or the same resolution as the Oculus Quest 2 does have. Is it in that way not lower than the original Qoocam(4K)?

    • The resolution is actually pretty good because this is a 3D camera and not a VR180 camera. This means that the entire image appears in front of you and is not stretched and magnified greatly as it is with VR180 content.

    • I don’t agree. Both have their place. As one who has been shooting 3D for several decades, I find that seldom is there a circumstance where subject matter is interesting over 180 degrees. I prefer to frame the interesting part of the scene and put all the available pixels there.

      I do like VR180, but so many times it includes too many elements of the scene that are uninteresting and pixels are wasted on those parts of the scene that you don’t care for.

  • Reincarnation of Weeview SID with lowered resolution an screen?
    It’s hard to find Weeview 3D video on YT. Does the new camera expect the same result?

    • It may look similar to the Weeview SID but it’s a very different camera. One of the unique features is the display at the back and the other of course is that it doubles as a digital 3D viewer.

  • In the clip by Yuqing Guo, he makes a funny mistake in suggesting that the slot on the side of the cameras is for an SD card. It’s clear from the pictures that it is the slot where the clasp for the viewer section fits !

    There definitely appears to be a battery compartment. So let’s hope there is also an SD card port within that compartment.

  • As a 3d photography fan using a Fuji W1 from 12 years ago, I’m very interested in it. But whilst people are talking about its movie capabilities, there seems no information on its still photo taking ability, which as a 3d photographer who wants a more up-to-date 3d camera, is of more interest to me.