Reminder: Kickstarter for Andromium Superbook begins today at 830AM PT

Just a friendly reminder that the Kickstarter campaign for the Superbook begins today at 830AM Pacific Time.  UPDATE: it started early. Here is the link.

Superbook (previewed here) is a laptop shell for your Android smartphone, allowing your phone to act much like a Windows laptop.  Superbook will also recharge your phone.

Because Superbook has no processor of its own and relies completely on your smartphone, it will be as low as $99 (plus shipping), which includes a Micro USB to USB cord and a charger.  There’s also a higher-end package with Type C cord.

UPDATE:  Superbook’s Kickstarter campaign is a success!  Within the first hour, it was 300% funded (i.e., 3x its funding goal) and still going strong.

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