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4 WAYS to remove tripods or objects from your 360 video or 360 photo (video tutorial)

How to remove a tripod from a 360 video or 360 photo

Here is a tutorial for removing tripods, shadows or other objects from your 360 video or 360 photo.  The techniques that I will show can be used even when the environment is constantly moving, such as a tripod surrounded by water or grass waving in the wind.

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  • Okay so I love the methods for removing the monopod. But I have a question. How does this work with stereoscopic footage? I have over/under footage from an Insta360 Pro and I would like to use a similar method as you did in After Effects.

  • Hi Mic, thanks for the tips! I have a question though, I’ve edited a photo in Photoshop but would like to use one of the animation presets within the Insta One X mobile app, any idea how to get the JPEG back into the app? I reckon I’d have to somehow convert it into .insp then place it on the SD card of the camera, but I can’t seem to find a way of getting it into the right format (converting equi-rectangular into a double fish eye format). Any tips would be very much appreciated!