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Retail versions of 2017 Gear 360 are available on eBay

Retail versions of 2017 Samsung Gear 360 now available on eBay
Retail versions of 2017 Samsung Gear 360 now available on eBay

There are now several retail versions of the 2017 Gear 360 cameras being sold on eBay.  The prices are around $350 for the camera alone or $400 for the Gear 360 and the new Samsung Gear VR 2017 (SM-R324) with motion controller.

The retail version of the Gear 360 is expected to include a pouch, a USB Type-C cable, and a wrist removable strap that can also help keep the camera stable when being stood on a table.

photo by wfs1977

The new batch of eBay listings are cameras coming from Korea.  Some listings say they are in stock and ship within 2-4 days.  Other listings say that it will be shipped “after April 18,” which is the date I expect the Gear 360 to become available.

The eBay price reflects a $100 premium over the expected retail price for the Gear 360.  Samsung Germany is still showing a price of €249.   (The US website doesn’t even show the new Gear 360 yet but we expect it to be $249.)   On the other hand, press copies of the Gear 360 have been resold for as much as $400.

As for the Gear VR, I don’t have the 2017 version but it looks identical to the 2016 version (reviewed here) except that they’ve added the motion controller.  It’s retailing for $125, so that could somewhat decrease the effective price of the camera if purchased as a package.

Meanwhile, the original Gear 360’s price has plummeted to below $200 (currently around $185) on Amazon.  I think it’s still a fine camera especially for anyone who has a Samsung S7 or above (which stitch videos at 4K on the phone).