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REVIEW: Caseling hardcase for your 360 camera and accessories

The Caseling hardcase can fit a 360 camera with room for some essential accessories.

360 cameras are usually easily damaged.  The Caseling is a hardcase that can fit several types of 360-degree cameras plus some accessories.

The construction is similar to that of a hardcase for a lens or sunglasses.  It’s stiff but not completely rigid.

I find it useful because it has space even for accessories.  At the same time, it is still relatively compact.

It can fit:
… a Ricoh Theta S
Tiltpod stand
Blackrapid FastenR Hitch wrist strap attachment (with the Tiltpod magnetic attachment)

With the wrist strap attachment, it’s a tight fit.   To fit the Theta with the wrist strap attachment, I put the bottom edge first and the Theta is slightly inclined in the case.

LG 360 CAM
It can fit:
… the LG 360 Cam with the protective cover
… Tiltpod stand
… Blackrapid FastenR Hitch wrist strap attachment (with the Tiltpod magnetic attachment)

It can fit:
… the Insta360 Nano
… the Nano’s included pouch
… the XSories tripod adapter
… the XSories bluetooth remote (for remotely triggering the Nano)

I don’t have the official Nano tripod adapter yet, but I believe it will fit the case as well.  When I get the official adapter, I’ll update this post.

I got the Nano tripod adapter and not only does it fit inside the Caseling, but the Caseling can actually fit the Nano tripod adapter, the XSories adapter, a Bluetooth remote, and the Nano’s pouch!

In summary, the Caseling is a useful case for 360 cameras.  I wish it was completely rigid with a metal shell (like some of my eyeglass cases), but it does add some protection to my cameras.  It’s reasonably priced and is an inexpensive and convenient protective case for your 360 camera.

If you would like to buy the Caseling, please consider buying it from Amazon through this link to support 360 Rumors at no cost to you, so I can do further reviews and tests.  Thank you very much!

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