Review: Tiltpod – the Smallest Tripod for a 360 Camera

The Tiltpod is quite possibly the smallest “tripod” for a camera, and it works very well with 360-degree cameras.

When shooting with a 360 camera, it is helpful to have a tripod so that your hands or thumbs aren’t too prominent in the picture.  On the other hand, if a tripod is too large, it can be inconvenient to carry, and can be very visible in the shot, somewhat defeating the purpose of using a tripod to begin with.

In that regard, a Tiltpod works pretty well: it is very small and easy to carry, and takes up very little space in the shot (it may even be invisible in some 360-degree cameras).

The Tiltpod doesn’t have legs like an actual tripod.  Instead it is just a stand that attaches magnetically to your camera.

It comes with two attachments: either a button-like attachment for a camera’s standard 1/4-20 tripod mount (like the one shown above), or a stick-on attachment for cameras without a tripod mount.  I use the stick-on attachment on a BlackRapid FastenR (which I use for my wrist strap).

The magnetic pivoting attachment allows you to tilt the camera for the best position.‚Äč

On the bottom of the Tiltpod is a rubberized base with a lot of grip, to allow your camera to be placed on modestly sloping surfaces.

The Tiltpod keeps the camera stable indoors on flat or mildly sloping surfaces.  It is especially stable on flat metal surfaces such as on some furniture.  When attached upside down to a metal surface (e.g. on some playground structures), it can actually support the weight of my Ricoh Theta S (approx. 125 grams), although I don’t recommend usage upside down — do so at your own risk!

Here is a sample image taken with the Tiltpod with the camera upside down.  (To clarify: again, I’m not recommending that you do that.  I’m just posting it here to demonstrate the magnetic connection).

Playground – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

I always bring my Tiltpod with my Theta because it takes up so little space, and even fits inside my eyeglass case (which I use as a hardcase for the Theta).  For outdoors, I still usually use a tripod, which gives me more control over height and I’m not dependent on finding a suitable surface.  However, for indoor use, the Tiltpod works very well and it’s quite inexpensive.  If you’d like to get one, consider getting one from Amazon which would be a welcome way of supporting this site. Thanks!

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