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Ricoh announces the winners of its IoT Developers Contest

Ricoh announced the winners of its IoT Developers Contest yesterday, which yielded several interesting uses for the Ricoh Theta.

Back in March, Ricoh announced the IoT Developers Contest, with 5 million yen ($45,000) of prizes.  The contest ended in August and the judges announced the winners yesterday.

The grand prize was for Shotoku Tamago, a livestreaming accessory for the Theta that could focus on whomever was speaking by listening to the direction of voices speaking.  In this demo video, you could see that the view would rotate automatically to whomever is speaking:

Other winners included the Vanish360 app which automatically erases people from the background of a photo, and the Veaver Theta S Mobility Streamer, an Android app which allows you to livestream with the Ricoh Theta S from anywhere by connecting the Theta to your smartphone.

There were also bizarre winning entries such as Moutheta, an app for taking a photo of the inside of your mouth for diagnostic purposes.  (The innovation was using a piece of paper as a diffuser to provide adequate light.)

Check out the other winners of the IoT Developers Contest!