MWC 2017: Ricoh R is live streaming right now from MWC; pre orders have begun

Ricoh R is live streaming in 360 right now (February 27) at Mobile World Congress!  Pre orders for the Ricoh R development kit have also begun.

Ricoh R (previewed here) is a fully spherical 360 camera developed specifically for live streaming.  It can live stream continuously for 24 hours.  Although the Ricoh R is similar in appearance to the popular Ricoh Theta S, it must be plugged in to an external power source and is not intended as a replacement for the Theta.

Ricoh is now demonstrating the Ricoh R’s capabilities with live streams direct from Mobile World Congress.  Here are the links to the live streams, both in 1080p @ 30 fps:
– Live Stream #1
– Live Stream #2 (wireless setup)

In addition, you can view the live stream with a Microsoft Hololens (here’s the link).

Ricoh also announced that you can now preorder Ricoh R development kits here.  The US price is $499.

Thank you very much to M.S. and Jim Jensen for bringing this to my attention!

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