Ricoh Theta app gets a major update

The Ricoh Theta S app received a major update both to its iOS and Android versions.  The updated version includes some of the features announced early this year.

Here are the changes:

1.  The Theta S app now supports Ricoh Theta SC, Ricoh’s new middle-tier model.  The app is still called Theta S.

2.  Integration with Theta360.com.  Ricoh had announced plans for cloud-based “photo media storage.”  Ricoh already had Theta360.com, where users could upload photos that could be viewed on any browser.  But photos uploaded to Theta360.com were visible only on the browser and not the app.  Now, the photos you upload to Theta360.com are also viewable on the app, which makes uploading to Theta360.com more convenient and viable for storage, just like other cloud-based photo services as Google Photos.

3.  Integration with Facebook.  Ricoh had also announced “SNS linking.”  Previously, to share photos on Facebook and other social media, you would upload an image or video to Theta360.com, then share the link on Facebook.  People who clicked on the Facebook post would be directed to the page on Theta360.com.  With the updated app, you can now share directly to Facebook.  The photo or video will be visible as a 360 photo or video without the need to upload it first to Theta360.com.

4.  Updated interface.  Previously, when you viewed photos, you selected the gallery icon, then you could choose the camera album or the phone album.  Now both the camera album and your phone album are directly accessible from the main menu.  Your Theta360.com gallery is also accessible from the main menu.

5.  Timeline view.  On the gallery, you can sort photos by a timeline.

6.  Help menu updated.  If you’re connecting to the Theta for the first time, there’s now a helpful graphical guide.  Notably, the guide shows the Theta SC (no HDMI port) instead of the Theta S.

The Theta app’s finnicky Wi-Fi connectivity is still an issue.  Here you can see that I’m connected to the Theta but the app thinks I’m not connected: