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Ricoh Theta S lens caps and protective covers

​One of the things I always worry about with the Ricoh Theta S is damaging its lenses.  Here are some lens caps and protective covers for the Theta.

1. Plastic lens cap
One vendor describes it as “shock resistant, scratch-resistant and anti-bump for extra protection.” It slides on and off the Theta.  The cheapest one I’ve seen so far is this one (as of the time of this writing):

Here’s another one that costs a few dollars more but includes a lens cleaning pen and cleaning cloth.

2. Silicone cover and lens cap

This one includes a silicone cover for the Theta as well as a separate silicone lens cap, and includes a lens cleaning pen and cleaning cloth.

Here’s the black version (there’s also a bright yellow and bright blue version):

If you prefer, there’s another kit that includes a wrist strap and connector instead of a lens pen and cloth.

3. Myking lens cap

This is a thick solid plastic cover for the Ricoh Theta.  Looks really sturdy.

If you would like to purchase these covers, please consider purchasing them through the links above, which would be a very welcome way of supporting 360rumors at no additional cost to you.  Thank you very much!

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