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Ricoh Theta SC2 is a new entry-level 4K 360 camera; Theta SC2 vs. Theta V comparison (updated)

Ricoh Theta SC2 is an entry-level 4K 360 camera
Ricoh Theta SC2 is an entry-level 4K 360 camera

Ricoh Theta SC2 is a new entry level 360 camera with 4K 360 video capability, designed to be a 360 camera for everyone.  Here is the product video:

The SC2 appears similar to the Ricoh Theta V, with identical photo and video resolution, and is likewise compatible with Theta V plugins, but there are some differences between them:

Theta SC2 advantages vs. Theta V

– SC2 features a small LED display that shows the battery level and shooting mode.

– Startup time is faster than Theta V (starts up in 1.5 seconds).

– Preset modes  (Face, Night View, and Lens-by-Lens Exposure modes).  Face mode detects faces in the photo and appears to prioritize the exposure for faces.  Night view optimizes the exposure for low light shots by using a slower shutter speed.  Lens-by-Lens Exposure lets you prioritize the front lens or rear lens for exposure.

– Glossy surface, available in multiple colors (Theta V is only available in black).

– SC2 is lighter at 104 grams compared to the Theta V’s 121 grams.

– Lower price.  The SC2 is $299.95, while the Theta V is $339 (prices as of November 2019).

Theta SC2 disadvantages vs. Theta V

– The maximum recording time for videos is 3 minutes (compared to 25 minutes for the Theta V).

– Theta V has 4k 360 video live streaming while Theta SC2 does not.

– Internal memory is smaller at 14GB vs 19GB for Theta V.  The internal memory can story 3000 photos or 32 minutes of videos.

– Theta V features 360 spatial audio, whereas SC2 has monoaural audio.

– Theta V has a microphone jack while SC2 does not.  Theta V is compatible with the TA-1 spatial audio microphone whereas SC2 is not.

Theta SC2 Price and availability

The Theta SC2 is $299.95, and will be released on or around December 2, 2019.   With a slightly lower price than Theta V, the Theta SC2 may be an attractive and affordable option for entry level virtual tours and casual videos.