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Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business is a 360 camera designed for virtual tours (in-depth review)

The THETA SC2 for Business by RICOH
The THETA SC2 for Business by RICOH

Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business is a new variant of the affordable Theta SC2 with two new features specifically for virtual tours.

Here is a comparison and review of the Theta SC2 for Business and the Theta SC2, by 360 photographer and 360 Rumors contributor Yuqing Guo.


First, the default photo mode for SC2 for Business is the new “Room” preset, which is an HDR mode optimized for photos of rooms and car interiors.

Second, it has a new self-timer mode called “time shift,” which is designed to enable the user to take a photo without the user being visible in the shot. With this feature, the user can take half of a 360 photo, move to the other side, and take the other half of the photo. The user will then not be visible in the stitched 360 photo.

These features, together with the Theta series’ in-camera stitching, could make the Theta SC2 for Business the easiest 360 camera for virtual tours.

Pricing and availability for Theta SC2 for Business have not yet been announced.  However, in China, the price for Theta SC2 for Business is $50 lower than the price for Theta SC2. I’ll update this page when that information becomes available.


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