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Ricoh Theta Z1 spatial audio sample and workflow posted

Ricoh Theta Z1 spatial audio sample video

Do you want to hear a spatial audio sample of the Ricoh Theta Z1 (reviewed here)?   Check out the sample below.  And if you want to know the workflow for spatial audio on the Z1, see here.

To experience the spatial audio, please use a earpohones. You’ll notice that the sound will change as you rotate the 360 view.

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  • Hello Mic,

    Between you and Ben Claremont, I get all this good information about 360 news and reviews. I am always pleased to see new articles on 360 Rumours.

    Do you know what accessories work with the new Theta Z1? I have one coming into my local shop and want to get power sources, cases, housings and any other worthy accessories for the protection and use. Any hassistance you can provide would be appreciated