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Ricoh Theta Z1 seminar replay

Theta Z1 Virtual Event replay
Theta Z1 Virtual Event replay

To celebrate the launch of the Ricoh Theta Z1 51GB, Ricoh presented a seminar featuring Sam Rohn, Daniel the 360 Guy, and myself.  We discussed whether there has been an increase in the demand for virtual tours, and our editing workflows.   We also answered questions from the live stream audience.  Here’s the replay of the event:

Here are the samples I used in the presentation:

You can also compare the Theta Z1 side by side with other 360 cameras in 360 view in the 360 Camera Comparison tool.  If you’d like to learn more about my editing methods, check out HQ Method.

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  • i had ordered a Z1, and returned it after getting 2 units because i thought it was defective. I guess it was the stitch line, but the was VERY blurry and soft, every single picture along the stitch line, even into the distance.

    In your sample if you look out the window from the interior shot, the palm tree on the left is way blurrier than the one on the right, these are the issues I had with the Z1.

    I have not had these issues with the X2 or Aleta.

    • Hi John. The softness along the stitch line is normal. Although X2 and Aleta don’t have them, X2 and Aleta have other issues such as stitching errors. So it depends whether you prefer to avoid stitching errors or soft stitch lines.

      • Seems like a toss up, give up quality and detail for a minor stitch issue.

        I can’t recover detail in a blurry stitch but I CAN take two photos with Aleta and usually the second won’t have stitch issues.

        But a blurry stitch defeats the purpose of big sensors that give more detail.

        I could put the stitch line on unimportant objects I guess.

        I may revisit that camera if I choose that method and just run it through Topaz gigapixel.