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Ricoh Theta Stand TM-1 monopod for 360 cameras

Ricoh is releasing a monopod with special features for 360 cameras such as the Ricoh Theta (reviewed here).

At first glance the Ricoh TM-1 looks like any other monopod with tripod legs.  However, the TM-1 has some handy features specifically for 360 cameras:

– the monopod head (platform for the camera) has been reduced in size to make it less visible in the shot.
– unlike some monopod heads that have ballheads for adjusting the angle of the 360 camera, the TM-1 does without such a ballhead because the 360 camera is omnidirectional, and can be reoriented digitally.
– the legs are shorter, also to make them less visible in the shot
– quick release plate to enable you to attach or detach the Theta or other 360 camera from the monopod quickly

– The monopod can be extended from 70cm (27 inches) to 170cm (67 inches) with one push of a button.


Ricoh announced the monopod on the Ricoh Japan website and on Facebook here.  The TM-1 is available online from Ricoh Japan’s online store for JPY 19,800 (JPY 21,384 after tax), or currently about $195.

Special thanks to Andre Pariente for bringing this to my attention!

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