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Ricoh TS-2: protective case and lens cap for Theta Z1 and Theta V

Ricoh TS-2 case and lens cap
Ricoh TS-2 case and lens cap

Ricoh TS-2 is a protective hardcase and lens cap for the Ricoh Theta Z1 (reviewed here) or Theta V (reviewed here).  What makes the TS-2 different from other cases is that it has a gap designed to enable you to leave your camera attached to a monopod or selfie stick, which means the TS-2 can be used as a lens cap for your Theta. The downside is that this case is obviously not waterproof.

The TS-2 is available here for $29.  If your selfie stick or monopod is too thick, an extension adapter is available separately for $19.

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    • Thanks Craig! I hope they do create a waterproof case for Z1, like they did for V. But i think the volume is going to be tough.