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RUMOR: HTC Vive 2 codenamed Oasis

There’s a persistent rumor that HTC is working on a new version of the Vive.  Here’s what we know so far.
During the summer, there were rumors that a revised version of the HTC Vive would include minor updates.  Then in September, a company called Quark announced that they were close to creating an untethered version of the HTC Vive.  Now, @LlabTooFer , a source of HTC leaks, tweeted that the new “refreshed” headset is codenamed Oasis, after the VR world in Ready Player One.

Meanwhile, an HTC representative informed TechCrunch that HTC is working on an improved version of the Vive intended for use in arcades.  The improved version would have peripherals to enhance experiences for arcades.  This could include, for example, a two-handed sword (something hard to emulate with the current Vive controllers, which are intended for one-handed use).  We don’t know yet if the Oasis headset is the same as the arcade version of the Vive.

It’s likely that more information will be available about the next Vive in January 2017 at CES.